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100 trillion operations per second 25.09.2015

100 trillion operations per second

Do you know that in the Russian scientific centres there are technological systems capable of processing tremendous amounts of data at inconceivable speed?
Meanwhile, these digital 'monsters' not only operate but are progressively modernized by Russian scientists.

For instance, in the near future it is planned to increase the performance of "SKIF Cyberia", the most powerful supercomputer in the Trans-Urals. Its processing power will be increased by 1,5 times — from 63.7 to 100 teraflops, after which the supercomputer will be able to run 100 trillion operations per second. The number of computing cores will be increased from 5.5 to 6.5 thousand while RAM will amount to 18 terabytes.

According to experts, the boost of the "SKIF Cyberia" power will expand researchers' opportunities for implementation of scientific projects. Currently, the supercomputer is used to design rocket-and-space technology and safe mining equipment, develop new types of rocket propellant and nanotechnology-based superhard coating, comprehensive ecological monitoring of atmosphere and hydrosphere, control over the spread of fires and epidemics, restoration of polluted soils. In addition, the university scientists use the computational cluster's possibilities to research movement of asteroids approaching the Earth and space debris.



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