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Breaking the myths about human vision 25.09.2015

Breaking the myths about human vision

During their practice, Russian scientists not only open new horizons, but also deal with misconceptions of the last years. For example, specialists of the N.P. Bekhtereva Institute of the Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences experimentally proved that the alternative human vision theory is erroneous.

According to the experts, some people really have increased attention that may allow them to see something through a thick bandage. The structure of the human eye allows for perception of individual photons working their way through the bandage. However, blocking of such photons by less porous material prevents visual perception completely.

The scientists have proved that by an experiment during which they had put watersport goggles with glasses sealed up by foil on the test persons. Later, the experiment participants said they had seen nothing of that seen by participants from another group who wore fabric bandages.


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