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Mobile Solutions for Russian Transport Sector 02.10.2015

Mobile Solutions for Russian Transport Sector

Today, mobile devices have become an integral part of the life of every Russian citizen. Domestic developers prove that the compact and high-tech devices can be of great benefit not only for a single person but for a whole economic sector.

Currently, mobile IT-solutions have already been deployed and actively developed in the banking and industrial sectors, and it is time to introduce new technologies to the transport sector of Russia.

One such technology was presented by specialists of Panasonic Russia at the Aviation and Transport Innovation Forum. It is based on ITRIS platform with a tablet as a main terminal and a small terminal device for processing payments, checking tickets and travel documents. Devices with such platform will be able to receive real-time information about transfers, accidents, delays of trains instead of outdated printed timetables.

According to experts, modern railway companies use mobile solutions both for passenger service in trains and for repair and maintenance of rolling stocks, which allows reducing downtime of cars and improving the quality of service. Air carriers solve the problem of overload and adaptation of infrastructure to the demands of the growing passenger traffic using secure computers and laptops as part of the electronic board documentation system for maintenance, extensive repair and overhaul, as well as for ground handling of aircraft.

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