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Switzerland Shares "Golden" Experience 07.10.2015

Switzerland Shares "Golden" Experience

Visitors of the first day of the 8th St Petersburg International Innovation Forum got a chance to meet the honorees of the Golden Watt award. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SDOE) holds the annual award for outstanding projects in the power and energy industry. The award comprises 5 categories: Community; Power Technologies; Renewable Power Sources; Sustainable Transportation; Buildings and Spaces.

The 2015 winners are depicted on the photos: a fuel-efficient marathon eco-car, a new recycling system, a green data centre, a smart house. A new energy concept proposed by the local government of St Hallen, Switzerland, is worth a special notice. It involves a plan of 150 events divided into 3 categories: energy saving, electricity supply and transportation.

The exhibition tour 2015-2016, a part of the new Switzerland energy policy, has already visited several continents and now came to Russia. A round table, a courtesy of the Switzerland embassy, was held to share experience in energy saving and energy efficiency.


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