20-22 September 2017

Forum is over
The program of the St.Petersburg International Innovation Forum 2018 is under development.

20.09.2017, wednesday

Industry and Innovations – Drivers of Economic Development

Life Sciences, Hall 10




Organizer: Union of Business Angels Organizations (SOBA)

The key issues: Technologies in Life Science area are on the peak of changes. The world trends show that this particular branch will fundamentally change most people`s life. Many innovative discoveries and technologies are found in Russia every day but all of them whether do not develop or going abroad and are being implemented only there.

On the other hand, the financing of scientific researches is going down in Russia. Technology transfer is one of the main financing sources for scientific researches.


  • Strelkov Oleg, advisor to the Director of FASO;
  • Vitaly Zubchenko, head of the project office "NeuroNet" University of information technologies, mechanics and optics, program coordinator at "NeuroNet" in Saint-Petersburg;
  • Albert Pinkhasov, Vice President, Ariel University (to be specified);
  • Steve Stein, managing partner for MedX (to be specified);
  • Igor Pivovarov, "NeuroNet" accelerator, partner (to be specified).


Yuri Fedotkin
Development Director of Association of innovations and technologies brokers, Development Director of i-Accelerator

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